What to expect

Covid-19 screening

Please complete the Covid-19 screening form before your appointment, when making your online booking or at reception before your appointment begins.  Please do not attend the clinic if you have any of the symptoms listed:

• Cough
• Shortness of breath
• Sudden loss of taste or smell
• Fever/temperature
• Flu like symptoms
• Have been in close contact in the past 14 days with someone who has symptoms or has been diagnosed with Covid-19


Infection Control Procedures

What we will do

IFSC Physiotherapy & Sports Injury Clinic will endeavor to make our clinic environment safe for patients to attend.  We will follow infection control guidelines including frequent hand hygiene, the use of aprons and medical grade face masks when treating our patients and the use of face shields and gloves when necessary.  We will space out appointment times to avoid use of the waiting room and allow time for cleaning the room and equipment between each patient.   We will maintain a safe distance from you while taking a history of your condition, during some of your physical assessment and exercise demonstrations.

What you can do

Please attend your appointment on time – to avoid use of the waiting room do not come in if you arrive early.  PLEASE WEAR A FACE MASK AT ALL TIMES.  Please wash your hands when entering and leaving or use hand santiser provided.  Please do not attend the clinic if you have symptoms of Covid-19.  Please keep 1-2m distance from the physiotherapist when not undergoing hands on treatment.  Please avail of our online payment facility at the time of booking, to avoid use of waiting room and card machine.


Appointment Duration

Standard appointments are 30 minutes long.  60 minute appointments are recommended for patients with complex injuries; involving pain in more than one area of the body or chronic pain; pain that has been present for over 8 weeks.  It is essential that we have enough time to complete a thorough assessment of your posture, joint movements, strength, functional movement patterns and neurological assessment (when necessary).  A thorough assessment enables us to get to the root cause of your pain or dysfunction.  We will also provide treatment, educate you about what is causing your pain, prescribe exercises and give you tips on how to manage your symptoms in your daily life.


Initial Assessment Form 

Please complete your initial assessment form online, at the time of your booking.  Alternatively arrive 5 minutes early to your first appointment at the clinic and reception will provide you with an electronic form to complete before your appointment begins.  Completion of this form is essential to provide accurate personal information and details of your injury, consent for treatment and data protection policy.


Physiotherapy Assessment 

The physiotherapist will need to discuss your symptoms for the first 5-10 minutes at your first appointment, to establish the mechanism of the injury, past injuries that may be relevant to your current pain, the type of pain you are experiencing, the frequency and severity of your symptoms.  This enables us to establish a diagnosis and chose appropriate physical testing.  We may then request you wear shorts and remove some outer layers of clothing so we can assess your posture.  We will also assess the movement of your joints and test the strength of some of your muscles, to identify any weakness or stiffness that is contributing to your pain.  We may also look at specific movement patterns such as walking or squatting.  A neurological examination is included if you have nerve related symptoms such as numbness, pins and needles or radiating pain.



Our treatment approach will be based on our findings during your physical assessment.  If there is obvious weakness we will provide a strengthening program.  If there is joint stiffness we have a wide variety of manual therapy techniques to help reduce stiffness.  We may also advise you on postural changes you need to make or changes in the way you move.  Taping, dry needling and myofascial release are also some of the other treatment modalities we use.  At our clinic, everything is included in the standard consultation fee; we do not charge extra for taping, needling or thera-band supplied.  We feel that educating the patient about their pain and the advice we provide regarding the management of your condition is the most valuable treatment of all.

For more information on treatment approaches please follow this link https://www.ifscphysio.com/services/


Ongoing Treatment 

30 minute appointments are usually adequate for follow-up appointments.  Each appointment will consist of a quick discussion about your response to treatment and we will answer any questions you may have.  We will conduct a brief physical assessment, focusing on the pain provoking movements or weak muscles we identified at your initial assessment.  We will spend the remainder of the session with treatment, as discussed above, including progression of your exercise program.


Making An Appointment

You can use our convenient online booking by clicking the blue button below.

We are now offering telehealth – using video calls to discuss your condition and assess your injury virtually.  If you would rather have a video consultation please select the telehealth option when booking online.

If you have had symptoms for over 8 weeks or have more then one area of pain please book a 1 hour appointment for your first visit.

Please try to be on time or you may have reduced duration out of courtesy to our next patient.  We try our best to run appointments on time, but please be patient with us if we are running a few minutes late, sometimes there are unavoidable delays.

If you are travelling from outside Dublin to see us, we recommend you book 60 minute appointments so that we can include more in the session and reduce the number of repeat visits needed.