I’ve been seeing Aoife Harvey of IFSC physio for assorted running-related ailments. I have had much experience with physical therapists in my native Australia and Aoife is as good as they get. She understands runners and I’ve been very pleased with the treatment and advice I have received. I do what she says and I’m fitter and stronger than I have been for a long time. As I approach the Dublin marathon, hopefully I will be faster.

D. - An Australian in Dublin

My name is Ger. I am forty seven years old male and was advised by my doctor to attend for physiotherapy, he recommended Aoife.

My chief complaint was arthritis in my left hip with secondary problems (compensatory) in my right Achilles tendon. I made an appointment and attended the physio clinic in the IFSC centre.

They say you never get a second chance to make a first impression and my initial impression was of meeting, a thorough, caring, knowledgeable professional who not only examined and treated my physical problem but saw me as a person and listened to my tales of woe. My arthritis was of progressive form and from the onset we knew that all Aoife could do was alleviate the pain.

We, I say we because there was a feeling of inclusiveness in the decisions made, decided that the method of dry needling would best help in my instance. So it was dry needling, manipulation, a series of stretching (preformed at home) and ongoing assessment that I undertook under Aoife’s supervision.

It was a case of hobbling painfully into the clinic limping in an ape like way and walking out of the same place feeling almost human again. The time period was over a year, for almost once a week.

Through discussion with Aoife I decided to undergo a Total Hip Replacement. Success. My other hip now is deteriorating, will I be back to the clinic? YES.

My first impression was correct, but the added bonus was meeting a person who performs a serious job with great humour and humanity.

Ger - Dublin

I really benefited from the treatment for achilles tendinitis that I received from Aoife and was grateful that I was able to be treated and continue with my training with no interruption.

If you are looking for a capable physiotherapist who also understands that we need to train whilst we receive treatment then you should come here. The dry needling sessions were particularly helpful.

JC - Dublin

I was a patient at the IFSC Physiotherapy Clinic between March and June of this year and during this time I found the care I received there to be excellent.

After calling the clinic on a Sunday I received the next available appointment on the Monday morning and so there was no waiting involved.

Aoife was very welcoming, easy to talk to and most of all always provided a great standard of care while I was there. She gave a very descriptive and helpful explanation of my injury which immediately ease my fear about the situation. She made it quite clear that she was always available at any time if I needed to call her for advice or if I had any questions.

During my visits to the clinic, not only did she relieve my pain but more importantly she also thought me ways that I could control the pain myself and aid in my own recovery. She was always very honest and realistic about my recovery and I always felt comfortable whilst in her care.

MC - Dublin

I visited Aoife following a niggling groin injury that I picked up at 5 aside football in August 2014.

It had been bothering me for 2 months, and it was affecting my running and cycling.

Aoife very quickly set out the plan to get me back to where I wanted to be. Within two weeks I was back running.

After only three sessions I was back playing football and not only did the injury feel better, but much stronger due to the exercise programme.

Now a week after my last session I am back 100%. Thank you Aoife!

AH - Dublin

I went to Aoife a few months ago with lower abdomen pain, having typically ignored the problem hoping it would get better until one day in a gym class it became really bad. I couldn’t run across the road or even step over a puddle without severe pain. A period of rest before that incident had had no effect either.

Aoife quickly diagnosed the issue as being a hip flexor problem brought on by a pretty severe pelvic misalignment, one hip was higher and further forward than the other. I’d had ongoing minor lower back pain also which more than likely had the same root cause. I soon learnt that despite thinking I was doing a lot of core work (mainly Pilates), being able to do a plank for 4 minutes doesn’t mean your core is strong – my back, glutes and transverse abs were feeble!

Apart from manual therapy, Aoife set me a set of progressively more difficult exercises to help the misalignment and re balance the core. It took a lot of work in the gym but week by week things improved and now I’m back playing tennis and running as much as I want again (Aoife also advised me on changing my running form).

Probably the biggest benefit though is everything I learned from Aoife – I’m a lot more mindful when running or doing other exercises of posture and what muscles are actually being engaged, as I was doing a lot of compensation before to cover old injuries which only made matters worse.

My general core strength and posture are definitely better than ever and I’ve had zero lower back pain also so I really believe this process has sorted out a few ongoing niggles (treating the root cause not the symptoms) and should hopefully help alleviate future problems as well. I highly recommend her – super professional yet very friendly and easy-going (for a Liverpool fan!), and was always available for advice if I had questions on exercises or pain between sessions. Thanks Aoife!

CB - Dublin

I came to see Aoife in May 2016 to seek her help with plantar fasciitis.  I was planning on going on a walking holiday in the Isle of White at the end of May and I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to walk any distance.  
I took her advice about footwear and diligently did my exercises, I am delighted to say that within about 3 months it had all but disappeared and I can now walk as much as I want without discomfort.  
Thank you Aoife for all your help. It’s made a huge difference to the quality of my life.  

SB - Dublin