Manual Therapy

Maitland mobilisation is a direct pressure exerted on the bone by the physiotherapists’ hands to help loosen up stiff joints and allow for better movement.

Different levels of pressure (grades) are used; from light to very strong pressure, dependent on the patients tolerance and pain levels.

Manipulation is a high velocity thrust placed over a joint which causes a cracking/popping sound. This sound is due to a gas release in the joint which helps the joint to feel looser and less painful.

Mobilisations with movement is when a pressure is exerted on the joint by the physiotherapists’ hands while the patient is actively moving the joint, allowing for greater movement and reduced pain.

Passive Physiological Intervertebral Movements (PPIVMs) is a treatment directed at the spine where the physiotherapist passively moves the spinal joints by gently moving the spinal segment in different directions, without directly touching the joint. In the lower back this is performed by using the patients’ legs as a lever to cause movement of the vertebrae in the lower back.

Muscle Energy Techniques are used to improve joint movement by lengthening shortened muscles that may be restricting the joints movement. Muscles are contracted and then relaxed while the physiotherapist moves the joint, as the contraction ends the muscle relaxes and the joint’s range is increased, without the restriction of the muscle.