Orthotics are custom made orthopaedicinsoles that are inserted into your shoes, to alter or modify foot biomechanics and function.

Orthoticsare designed to support various biomechanical foot and disorders in order to reduce foot pain. Some insoles are simple devices sold in sports shops and pharmacies.  These off-the-shelf insoles are generic and are not specific to the individual foot shape or problem. However, mild acute foot pain may benefit from of these insoles, for short-term use.

We regularly recommend the use of these cheaper, less specific devices and can advise you about specific brands and support requirements.

Custom made orthotics are hard wearing devices lasting between 3-5 years, and are made to meet the specific needs of a particular individual and their injury. They are prescribed following an in-depth foot and biomechanical assessment, from your physiotherapist.

Custom orthotics are created by using an impression of the foot in a cast or by using carbon-flex templates. They are sent to an orthotic laboratory in Cork where technicians design a device that balances out deformities and corrects foot misalignments. You can expect to receive your device within 2 weeks of your initial assessment.

Orthotics are recommended for the treatment of toe pain, mid-foot pain, ankle pain, heel pain, achilles pain, shin splints, knee pain and sometimes low back pain.