Exercise Prescription

Supervised exercise prescription has clinical evidence to suggest it as being effective treatment and prevention of injury and illness.

An important part of physiotherapy treatment is exercise prescription, as it plays an important role in improving the performance and function of the body area undergoing rehabilitation.

The exercises that are prescribed include active motion, strengthening, stretching, balancing and conditioning exercises.

Throughout your course of treatment the prescribed exercises are continually assessed, adapted and progressed to suit the needs of the patient and the injury.

Exercise prescription revolves around the goals of treatment, both those that the physiotherapist sets for the patient and those the patient sets for themself. The ultimate goal is making a full recovery and regaining your former levelof activity and fitness. Exercise is also a very good preventive measure against the possibility of future complications or illnesses.

At the IFSC Physiotherapy clinic we are also happy to advise you about suitable exercise classes, use of gym equipment and tips for cycling, swimming and running.