Advice & Education


One of the most important aspects of physiotherapy treatment is to provide specific advice to our patients.

At your initial assessment your physiotherapist will diagnose your injury and provide you with essential advice to help improve your pain and aid in your recovery.

Our advice will include information about how to modify your daily activities and postures, in order to reduce the strain on the site of injury. We will also inform you of how much rest is needed, hot and cold treatments and recommended medication specific to the pain process e.g. whether anti-inflammatory medication is necessary.

Should your injury require further investigation, we can advise you on the type of scan or x-ray you will require or refer you to a specialist consultant.


As the saying goes “knowledge is power”. One of the most important components of treatment is to understand your pain. Here at the IFSC Physiotherapy Clinic we explain the cause of your pain, in simple language so you can understand the pain system and healing process.

If you have scan or x-ray results we can explain the medical terminology, which people can find confusing and sometimes scary.

Understanding your pain and how the body reacts to movement and injury is an essential part of the healing process.

Providing you with essential knowledge and helping you understand your pain allows you to take control of your recovery and empowers you to help your recovery, outside of physiotherapy treatment sessions.