Clinical Pilates

All the Physiotherapists at the IFSC Physiotherapy clinic are qualified pilates instructors.  We teach group physio led classes in the IFSC and also provide 1:1 instruction and progression of exercises.

As physiotherapists we understand the pathophysiology of your injury. We can diagnose specific motor control weaknesses that may be contributing to your pain and prescribe specific physiotherapy led pilates-based exercises to improve your core strength and speed up your recovery.

Pilates is generally recommended for the treatment of low back pain and neck pain, however improving core strength has also been shown to help with sports injuries, for athletes of all levels.

As qualified physiotherapists we can also advise you about exercises you should avoid, that may aggravate your pain, and tailor your core strengthening program based on your baseline levels of strength and pain presentation.

Exercise technique and postural form is the most important component of Pilates, therefore supervision and correction is essential. This may not always be possible in large, non-physiotherapy led pilates classes.

To enquire further about our specialised physiotherapy led pilates classes simply please contact us.