About Us

The IFSC Physiotherapy & Sports Injury Clinic established in 2007, is located in the heart of The IFSC Dublin 1, in The Custom House Square Medical Centre, providing easy access to people working and living around the IFSC and Dublin city centre. We previously operated our clinic in The Clarion Hotel IFSC.

Our team of Physiotherapists specialise in the diagnosis and treatment of musculoskeletal pain and injuries including ligaments, muscles, tendons, bones, joints and nerves.

We offer direct contact with our Physiotherapists and our patients are rest assured that they can receive treatment from the same therapist at every visit.

Aoife and Simon are both Chartered Physiotherapists and CORU registered, the state regulator of health and social care professionals in Ireland. State registered Physiotherapists have to meet very high professional standards including continued professional development, commitment to data protection of patient information and ethical obligations.

In addition to completing Degree and Masters level education, we attend many practical courses each year to enhance our skills to ensure effective evidence-based treatment for our patients.

Unfortunately many of our patients are suffering from pain in more then one area of their body or pain that has been present for many months or years.  We strongly recommend you book a 60 minute appointment for you initial consultation to enable us to complete a thorough assessment, so we can get to the root cause of your problem and provide effective treatment at your first visit.  Standard 30 minute consultations are usually adequate for subsequent visits.  

Aoife Harvey MISCP

BSc. Physiotherapy
MSc. Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy

Aoife is the practice owner of IFSC Physiotherapy & Sports Injury clinic. She specialises in the diagnosis and treatment of musculoskeletal injuries; concerning bones (joints), the spine, nerve pain, tendons, muscle and ligaments. She enjoys treating a wide range of problems including…

… neck pain, whiplash and chronic low back pain to sports specific injuries such as muscle / ligament tears, anterior knee pain and shoulder dysfunction.

As an accomplished and dedicated physiotherapist she continues to keep up to date with the ever changing body of scientific evidence, to provide her patients with the most up to date treatment approaches.

Aoife has completed a number of accredited post-graduate courses including dry needling, myofascial trigger point therapy, sacroiliac joint dysfunction, cognitive behavioral therapy, lower limb biomechanics, integrated systems approach, vestibular rehabilitation, Ultrasound imaging, Women’s health and has the accreditation necessary to prescribe orthotics.

Aoife is also a qualified pilates instructor and can provide 1:1 Pilates instruction for patients needing to improve core strength.

Aoife worked closely with the Irish Boxing Team including Olympic medalists; Kenny Egan, Darren Sutherland and Paddy Barnes and John-Joe Nevin. She has also travelled internationally with Katie Taylor; European, World and Olympic Champion. In the clinic she works with a wide range of sports men and women; including rowing, hurling, football, weight lifting, racket sports, golf, Frisbee, swimming, triathletes, marathon runners,ultra-marathon runners and many more. She approaches each sporting injury individually, focusing on the specific strength and biomechanical requirements of each sport to enable a speedy recovery.

She is a member of 3 clinical interest groups; chartered physiotherapists in manual therapy, chartered physiotherapists in sports and exercise medicine and chartered physiotherapists in women’s health. Aoife is also an active committee member for Chartered Physiotherapists in Private Practice – as the current education officer she organises clinical courses with international experts, to help support and develop private practitioners in Ireland.

Simon Greene MISCP

BSc. Podiatry
BSc. Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy & Sports Injury Clinic are proud to present the newest member of our team – Simon Greene Chartered Physiotherapist. Simon completed a degree in Podiatry in 2000 in the Glasgow Caledonian University. He went on to study Physiotherapy at the Royal College of Surgeons…

… in Dublin and was awarded an honours degree in 2005. Simon has been treating patients in both a clinical and private setting for over 16 years.

In recent years he has been mentored by some world renowned Physiotherapists from Australia, Canada and the UK; including Diane Lee, Dr LJ Lee and the Discover Physio organisiation in the UK.

Simon has a special interest in the Integrated Systems Model approach to physiotherapy treatment.

He is also trained in osteopathic techniques, Mulligan manual therapy techniques, dry needling, strength and conditioning, movement dysfunction, biomechanical assessment and orthotic prescription.