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Dry needling is the use of acupuncture needles to treat myofascial trigger points.  Dry needling is not the same as acupuncture.  Acupuncture is an ancient Chinese complimentary medicine that focuses on the Qi and meridians in the body.  However, the physiological basis for acupuncture is not scientifically supported.  Dry needling is a modern western medical technique invented in the 20th century by two American medical doctors.  The use of dry needling has been supported by many scientific studies and the body of evidence is continually growing.  Dry needling is the use of sterile acupuncture needles to penetrate and deactivate myofascial trigger points.  Different size needles are used in different areas of the body.  The use of needles to release muscles, instead of the physiotherapists’ hands, enables access to deeper parts of the muscles, for example the larger hamstring muscles and deep spinal muscles.  Dry needling is a very common treatment technique, used by physiotherapists worldwide and a favoured treatment of many professional international athletes


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The IFSC Physiotherapy & Sports Injury Clinic established in 2007, is located in the heart of The IFSC, in The Custom House Square Medical Centre, providing easy access to people working and living around the IFSC and Dublin city centre.  Our team of Physiotherapists specialise in the diagnosis and treatment of musculoskeletal pain and injuries including ligaments, muscles, tendons, bones, joints and nerves.  We offer direct contact with our Physiotherapists and our patients are rest assured that they can receive treatment from the same therapist at every visit.

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